Art CV / Credits

Video Art and Film Productions

Director, cinematographer and editor in documentary film FIGHTING AGAINST THE UNKNOWN
Director and scriptwriter in music short film ANANKÉ.
Director and actress in short film HOMUNCULUS, finalist in “Videotalentos de Banco Santander” contest
Ballerina and choreographer in video art piece 18 HYMNS.
Editor and documentalist in short documentary film: TO LIVE, TO DANCE.
Scriptwriter, sound designer, and acting direction assistant in short film INSOMNIA.

Freelance focuses as movement coach, acting director (including voice coaching), and editor (highly skilled at cutting and colour grading).

Choreography, Performance Art, Dancer, Singer

Dancer in Contemporary Dance Company Kon-Mocion, directed by Becky Siegel
Regular work as freelance dancer, choreographer and movement director.
Regular performances as studio singer for Adelphoi Music, London

Performance Artist
Her artistic research is currently focused on the concept of “intensive presence”.

The poems from her book Hypnotic Writing, in the form of a namesake Sound Installation, have been part of her selected pieces for gallery exhibitions, reference curator Keoy Wan Hui.
She has performed both on her own creations as a movement artist and in collaboration with fine artists.

Selected performances:
Resonance Touches – Video Installation by Isabel Bonafé. Voice Over. The Koppel Project Hive Gallery, London
The Absent Presence – Video Installation by M.Lohrum. Performer and dancer. Central St. Martins, London

The Image Within – Performance Art. Choreographer, performer. We Are Making a New World Exhibition Curated By Kei Wan Hui, King’s Cross, London
Hypnotic Writing – Audio Installation, excerpts from the namesake book. Writer, Voice actress. We Are Making a New World Exhibition Curated By Kei Wan Hui, King’s Cross, London
Shadow Theatre – Site-specific Performance Art by M.Lohrum. Dancer. Tate Modern, London
Gift – Performance Art. Choreographer, Dancer. Trinity Laban Conservatoire, London
Silence – Video Installation. Choreographer, videographer. Trinity Laban Conservatoire, London
Twinnage – Video Installation. Choreographer, videographer. Trinity Laban Conservatoire, London
Kaleidoskope – Video Installation. Choreographer, videographer. Trinity Laban Conservatoire, London


Mime in Duet “Mimoù & Colette”, including theatre interludes, location and/or event-specific mime pieces, adapted pieces and workshops for people with learning disabilities, adapted pieces for kids, and street busking.


In Anima Eskola
Directing final project:
THE TEMPEST. Including translation from the English text by Shakespeare

Directing assistant:
THE GLASS MENAGERIE, Tennessee Williams. Understudy Amanda and Laura. Director Algis Arlauskas
Directing Shadowing:
TALES OF GUY THE MAUPASSANT, director Marina Shimanskaya
THE SEAGULL, Anton Chekhov, director Algis Arlauskas
Acting credits include:
TALES OF GUY THE MAUPASSANT. Supporting/The model. Director Marina Shimanskaya
EL PRIMITIVO AUTO SENTIMENTAL, F. Garcia-Lorca. Lead/Angel of Death. Director Marina Shimanskaya
THE TEMPEST, Shakespeare. Supporting/Ariel. Director Isabel Grabalos.

THE STEADFAST TIN SOLDIER. Lead. Musical Theatre. Actress, dancer, choreographer and singer. 
Director Laura Laiglesia.
LUNANTROPIA. Playwright, director, actress, dancer, mime and make-up artist
THE UGLY DUCKLING. Supporting. Musical theatre. Character actress, dancer, choreographer and singer. Director Laura Laiglesia.
Founding member of EUREKA university classical theatre group. Supporting actress. Make-up artist. Production. Including:
EL LINDO DON DIEGO by Agustín Moreto
LA VIDA ES SUEÑO by Calderón de la Barca
Founding member of SPECULUM VITAE university classical theatre group:
LOS ENREDOS DE ESCAPIN. Supporting. Make-up artist. Production.
Lecturer and director in Theatre Reading Workshop for University of Navarra, focused on MEDEA

Trinity College London Scholar, Postgraduate Dance Award, Trinity Laban Conservatoire
Honour Diploma for Outstanding Cultural Contribution, Universidad de Navarra
Bronze Medal, Choreography, Anaprode National Dance Competition
Gold Medal, Choreography, Anaprode Regional Dance Competition
Bronze medal, Classical Excellence, Anaprode Regional Dance Competition