Isabel has oriented her multidisciplinary career and education with the conviction that excellence can be achieved with deep expertise in the different fields involved and the perspective of the global picture. She has applied that mindset mostly to finely craft the disciplines of writing, movement art, filmmaking and performance art.

Currently an active writer for hire, her latest literary endeavour has been an opera libretto commissioned for the Royal College of Music. Her latest artistic works have been on Performance Art, a discipline she has been nurturing for many years with increasing refinement, Video Art and Sound Installation. Her passion for movement has led to her focusing on Movement Direction for theatre and film, within her wider work as acting coach.

Trained as a ballerina in the Royal Academy of Dance with professor Cristina Zorrilla, she debuted on Becky Siegel’s contemporary dance company Kon-mocion. She has since worked continuously as a freelance choreographer, dancer, actress, and formally trained singer, as well as a fight choreographer and martial arts specialist with a range of styles and a basis in Tai Chi (Studying under Grandmaster Wang Hai Jun since 2016).

She completed the Licenciate in Philosophy (’11) and the Bachelor in Audiovisual Communication (’13) at the University of Navarra.

During that period and until now, she has been permanently involved in filmmaking: directing short films, branding spots, and a feature documentary. She is a proficient film editor.

Post grade in Acting Direction and Acting (’15), under the tutoring of director Algis Arlauskas and actress Marina Shimanskaya. MA Choreography (’17) at Trinity Laban Conservatoire.

She is a prolific literary, review, and essay writer and translator.

Her philosophical research focuses on the topics of Logic, Foundation of Mathematics, Computing applications of non-classical logics,  Aesthetics and Theory of the Arts, and the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

A highlight of her corporate work has been as a creative writer for the media company Audacity Partners, with responsibilities ranging from idea development, research, scriptwriting, translation, and proofreading, to full-fledged production roles.

As a member of University Theatre groups Speculum Vitae and Eureka, she co-founded the Mime duo “Mimoù & Colette” with Marina Azanza. Under “M&C Projects”, she debuted in writing, directing and producing her own plays.

Full Formal CV, Artistic CV and Backstage profile (acting).


Header photos by Santi G. Barros.